Our Team


COMRED has a lean team of staff and a broad spectrum of associates who work in a well-coordinated manner to deliver desirable results. Depending on the nature of projects, directors and associates double as either project leads or principal investigators, assisted by a team of assistants, interns, volunteers and support staff.




Dr Joseph Tunje, currently teaching in the Department of Environmental Science of Pwani University, Kilifi, has vast experience in undertaking socio-economic-related studies among the fisherfolk at the Kenyan coast. He has also been involved in the development of fisheries co-management plans for four selected co-management areas at the coast. As a professional teacher, he has engaged in youth and adult training on environmental issues, and mentoring coastal community groups in environmental conservation and management. Dr Tunje is also COMRED’s co-founder and holds a PhD in Environmental Studies, a Masters of Philosophy in Environmental Management and Planning and a Bachelors in Education.

Dr Innocent Ngao has 22 years of experience in project management, integrated coastal management (ICZM), socioeconomics and tropical coastal fisheries studies in the Western Indian Ocean region (WIO). His interest in Marine conservation is seeing the development of innovative solutions to typical coastal zone problems. He has engaged in many multi-institutional collaborations in project implementation, with research, academic institutions, government, non-governmental agencies, conservation projects and communities in the WIO region. He is keen on working with local, national, regional and international partners and stakeholders to build synergies. He has previously worked with WWF Kenya, the Marine Science for Management (MASMA) programme of the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA) and the SocMon programme of Coastal Ocean Research & Development Indian Ocean (CORDIO). His academic background is interdisciplinary with a Bachelors in Natural Resources Management, Masters in Tropical Coastal Management, and PhD in Environmental Science.


Dr Andrew Wamukota has over 15 years of progressive experience in research and program management/coordination. During this time, he has undertaken research either singularly or jointly with other scientists. His research interests include socio-economic and ecological drivers of resource use and management, particularly, the human dimensions in the use and management of terrestrial and marine resources mainly semi-arid lands, coral reefs and marine turtles. From national research activities, he has progressed to undertaking regional research activities where he, in collaboration with researchers from around the world, has undertaken research and capacity building in Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, and Mauritius among other countries. Currently, he is the principal investigator and coordinator of Fisheries Innovation Lab funded projects in Kenya, looking at issues of fisheries, poverty and nutrition. His academic qualifications include; PhD Environmental Science Linnaeus University; MPhil. Environmental economics (Moi University); BA (University of Nairobi).


Mr Patrick Kimani is a natural resource management expert with 17 years’ experience. He has a passion for coastal and marine resource management with a recent strong bias in fisheries. Specifically, he has been recently involved in the implementation of large projects in fisheries and coastal management e.g. IOC-ReCoMaP (2007-2011) and IOC-SmartFish (2012-2018) on areas; fisheries trade, management, governance and ICZM. Mr Kimani has 11 years’ experience in assisting State and Non-State Actors (NSAs) in developing funded proposals under EU’s 9th and 10th EDFs. Mr Kimani holds a BSc. Environmental Science Degree from Egerton University, MSc in Natural Resource Management from Stockholm University and is currently completing his PhD with a focus on value chain analysis aspects of small-scale fisheries. Besides the professional experience, Mr Kimani is passionate about changing lives, particularly improving livelihoods, and puts a lot of effort towards these pursuits.


Mr Nyaga Kanyange is an environmentalist, fisheries scientist and conservationist with a passion for sound management and good governance of natural resources for better human well-being.  Mr Kanyange has 18 years of experience working with conservation-related projects, marine ecological assessments and fisheries, serving in different capacities and backed by education background in Fisheries (BSc.) and Ecological Marine Management (MSc.) (Vrije Universiteit Brussel). As a project manager and technical advisor, he manages and technically implements relevant donor funded conservation and livelihoods projects in coastal Kenya; as a fisheries scientist, conducts research and policy programming on topical issues, e.g. he led acoustic surveys of spawning aggregations of rabbitfish (a common food fish) in Kenya as well blue economy value chain programming for governments in Kenya and in the region; as an environmentalist, he participates and leads environmental impact assessments across the Kenyan coast; and as a leader, inspires and mentors emerging talents. Mr Kanyange doubles as a Lead Expert with the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) and a blue economy consultant. Aside from this, he is personally involved in promoting consumption of baobab fruit, a superfruit with a high potential of alleviating malnutrition in food-insecure communities.




Ms Immaculate Kirui holds a Certified Public Accountant (CPA IV) and 11 years of experience working with accounts and financial matters. She efficiently assists project teams in financial delivery, ensuring that donors and beneficiaries get the best value for their money. She believes that “great effort springs naturally from great attitude” and despite her medical background, she is determined to pursue accounts and finance to the very end. Being at COMRED has been a source of inspiration in the search for a better tomorrow.



Ms Yvonne Muyia holds an undergraduate degree in Environment Conservation and Management from Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology. Her work has focused on providing assistance to governance and conservation projects. Besides, she is very sociable and enjoys connecting with people.


Mr Titus Jefwa’s vision is to bridge the gap between information technology and sustainable management of marine resources through helping users make informed decisions. He is a specialist in a diverse discipline in data & information science, visualization, web application development and geo-spatial technologies that play a vital role in the management of coastal & marine ecosystems through information phenomena. Titus has played a role bridging the gap between scientific knowledge and conservation action within marine protected areas (MPAs) through strategically aligning management action with identified needs, and evaluating the impact of actions on MPA status in an adaptive cycle of learning. He has been involved in the development of sea turtle action plan, conservation protocols and the development of data management systems. In charge of information management, project coordination and implementation. Titus advocates for sustainable city planning and resource use through evidence-based conservation. Titus holds a Bachelors in IT and Business Management.





 As a Research Associate, Ms Jane Muteti works collaboratively with the project managers on specific projects and partnerships. In this role, she supports the implementation of projects; develops content for grant proposals; assists the program staff to produce reports for grants; and delivers tasks delegated ensuring that projects are successfully undertaken. She holds an undergraduate degree in Coastal and Marine Resource Management from Kenyatta University and an MSc. in Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management from Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). Being part of the COMRED team gives her a unique opportunity to work with stakeholders in addressing the problems facing coastal and marine environments so as to promote sustainable resource use. It also gives her a platform to put her professional knowledge and skills into practice. 


Ms Risper Oteke is a trained environmentalist. She holds a Master of Science in Water Policy. Her research projects have focused on climate change impacts, gender access to marine resources as well as the vulnerability of coastal communities to climate change impacts. She has implemented projects on trans boundary water resources management, adaptation and coping with extreme weather events in Western and Coastal Kenya. Her passion is working with women, youth and children on environmental education, and sustainable natural resource use and management. She has excellent project management skills and takes pleasure in learning new frontiers that connect nature with society.


Dr Majambo Jerumani is a spatial scientist and a modeller with a PhD in Ocean & Atmosphere from the University of Cape Town, South Africa and an MSc. in Applied Marine Science from the same university. He has worked in coral reef and climate change research in the Western Indian Ocean with interest in climate science, oceanography and marine ecological systems. His focus in the Miji Bora project is working with geospatial data including collection, data analysis and interpretation to facilitate learning, co-generation and co-creation of knowledge among policymakers, urban researchers and other stakeholders.


COMRED engages on a need basis, a pool of 15 part-time associates working in different national and international institutions. Their role is to synergize, provide additional technical assistance, especially where gaps exist and facilitate collaboration between COMRED and their institutions.


The Associates have the following academic qualifications:

  1. PhD Environment & Geography
  2. PhD Ocean and Atmosphere
  3. PhD Environmental Earth Sciences
  4. PhD Environmental planning (cities and sustainability)
  5. PhD Marine Sciences
  6. PhD (On-going) coral reef ecology
  7. MPhil. Fisheries management
  8. PhD Tropical Marine Science
  9. MSc Ecological Marine Management (ECOMAMA)
  10. MA Project Planning & Management
  11. MSc Hydrobiology
  12. MSc Environmental Science
  13. MSc Environment and International Development.
  14. MSc Ecological Marine Management
  15. BSc Geospatial Information Science & Remote Sensing
  16. Post Graduate Certificate in Digital Strategies for Business