The Coastal & Marine Resource Development (COMRED) is a registered non-profit organisation based in Mombasa, Kenya, advancing the socio-economic well-being of the coastal population.

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Enhancing the Socio-Ecological Resilience of Shimoni-Vanga Seascape Communities


The Shimoni-Vanga seascape is an ecologically sensitive area of national and global importance, vital in advancing Kenya’s blue economy. 15 community-level projects valued at about USD $400,000 have been funded by the GEF-Small Grants Programme, seeking to enhance the socio-ecological resilience of seascape communities through the conservation and protection of marine and coastal ecosystems (corals, seagrasses, mangroves and beaches) and the diversification of livelihoods.

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Moving Towards Smart and Sustainable Cities


The Miji Bora project (Swahili for Better Cities or Smart Cities) aims to co-creatively understand the challenges facing Mombasa city and the practical ways in which they can be addressed, in addition to facilitating learning among policy-makers, urban researchers and other stakeholders through peer to peer exchange between the port city of Mombasa and the eThekwini municipality in Durban. 

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LMMA meeting- Kibuyuni BMU

Improving Community Capacity in Resource Governance and Management


This project, in partnership with Blue Ventures, is implemented by Beach Management Units along the South Coast of Kenya, including within the Shimoni-Vanga Seascape. The project aims to improve community participation in resource management and governance through practical training and mentorship of community members.

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Restoring Degraded Coral Reefs


Coral reefs are among the most productive marine ecosystems, providing a home for a variety of marine organisms, in turn making them a wonderful attraction to tourists. The project, implemented by Wasini Beach Management Unit and supported by the GEF-Small Grants Programme, upscales previous restoration efforts for recreational purposes.

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The Next Frontier for the Octopus Fishing in Kenya

Bottom-up conservation models Human beings and resources have intricate interconnections which can not be ignored in resource management interventions. Temporary octopus closures have gained recent worldwide acceptance by scientists and conservationists due to their practicability in balancing the conservation of marine resources and the livelihood sustainability of the fishing communities. Octopus closures operate on a […]


Climate change is a major global issue that requires interventions, adaptation, and mitigation actions to limit its adverse effects to secure the future of our planet.  With the emanating negative impacts of climate change, the County government of Mombasa unveiled the Governors’ Young Leaders’ Program (GYLP) hosted by the office of the governor, His Excellency […]

Is co-management a panacea for environmental pressures?

Understanding co-management Co-management or collaborative management have a myriad of understanding in various sectors. Berkes et al. (1991) describes co-management as the sharing of power and responsibility between government and local resource users while Borrini-Feyerabend et al. (2000) views it as a situation in which two or more social actors negotiate, define and guarantee amongst themselves a […]

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