Protecting Marine Resources for Community Livelihoods: Wasini Coral Gardens

Located opposite the Shimoni jetty and close to Wasini Island, the Wasini community coral garden offers swimmers a chance to view beautiful corals, dolphins, fish and other marine life at a reasonable fee. This easily accessible site (known as a Locally Marine Managed Area (LMMA)) has become a popular option for visitors touring the Shimoni-Vanga seascape where further south, the famous Kisite-Mpunguti Marine Park and Reserve is located.


This project, implemented by Wasini Beach Management Unit (BMU) in partnership with other stakeholders, has been up-scaled through GEF-Small Grants Programme funding to extend the area under community protection.


The project seeks to address the needs of the local community members most of whom are poor and are fully dependent on these natural resources for their survival, while at the same time conserving important marine resources. However, the area faces various threats which include overexploitation and resource use conflicts.


This project, therefore, seeks to maintain ecological integrity, reduce pressure on marine resources, strengthen and diversify livelihoods and enhance the governance capacity of members. Thus far, the following milestones have been achieved:

● Identification and mapping of two potential areas for coral restoration

● Rehabilitation of one of the sites for restoration
● Conduction of extensive village awareness sessions on the need to collectively protect marine resources