Restoring critical mangrove habitats



Mangroves are among the most important habitats in the coastal environment. They provide wood for fuel and construction, medicine, habitat and nursery for marine life, and protection of coastlines from strong waves. 


An additional critical ecosystem role they provide is carbon sequestration made possible by the presence of an extensive root system – mangroves are a much higher carbon sink than ordinary trees. However, thousands of acres of mangroves have been destroyed due to the high demand for quality wood and space for development.


This project led by Jimbo Village, located in the Shimoni-Vanga seascape, together with the Junda area of Mombasa, aims to reverse this trend by replanting mangroves in degraded areas. The project has received independent support from the GEF-Small Grants Programme and the World Wildlife Fund-Education for Nature Program.


To date, Jimbo Village has established a nursery with 30,000 viable seedlings.