Supporting Community Action in the Maintenance of Maritime Security

Site mapping in preparedness for CCA boundary markeing by Vanga BMU


Safety and security at sea are vital in achieving a sustainable blue economy. The trans-boundary location of the Shimoni-Vanga seascape makes it vulnerable to illegal and environmentally destructive activities such as trafficking, dumping of waste and illegal fishing. The mandate of protecting the sea squarely lies on the government.
However, coastal communities, in recognition of their role as stewards of the sea, also have a role in maintaining security at sea, particularly combating illegal and destructive fishing. Illegal fishing activities such as beach seining and dynamite fishing have infiltrated the area and negatively impacted fish catches and the environment.
In this project, seascape Beach Management Units, in collaboration with authorities and stakeholders, have been supported by the GEF-Small Grants Programme to combat illegal fishing in the area. It is expected that this joint effort will deter and eradicate illegal and destructive fishing activities.