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Part of the team. From left: Tracy, Maryline and the late Sandra at a mangrove tree planting exercise. COMRED

Tribute To A Conservation Heroine

Colleague relationships are quite complicated and no one ever tells you what to expect. Some colleagues become lifelong friends while others remain just that.  I’d like to think that everyone has one or more persons in their workplace that they consider as a friend(s) ‘’Work best friends”. Some of my seniors have been colleagues for […]


Local Communities as Pillars of Natural Resource Management

  Natural resources, among them fisheries resources, are seriously threatened by human activities such as overexploitation and the use of destructive fishing gear, and as a result, their abundance is decreasing rapidly affecting the local communities who depend on them for their livelihood. In order to guarantee the availability of these resources both for the […]


Communications during COVID-19 Pandemic

With the Covid-19 officially pronounced as a global pandemic, most employees around the nation are working from home. This unforeseen shift has compelled a generation of different changes and transitions in communication approaches among teams. It has also left many struggling to overcome challenges such as lack of team collaboration and family distractions.   Health […]

COVID-19 Impacts on Local Coastal Communities’ Livelihoods

  Since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic, its effects have been felt in all sectors of our economy. Various lifestyles within our country have been altered following the governments directive through the ministry of health that they should stay at home for safety purposes. Local communities living along the coastal strip who depend on […]

COVID-19- Revolutionary times for fisheries
COVID-19- Revolutionary times for fisheries. Image Copyright - COMRED

COVID-19- Revolutionary times for fisheries

These are unprecedented and uncertain times. COVID-19 has taken us where few ever talked about. A global disease pandemic and its economic effects seemed utopian, with all the advances in science and medicine. Today as of April 2020, some sectors such as travel and tourism have been completely obliterated, without a known date of a […]