Shimoni-Vanga Multi-stakeholder Forum: Putting Communities at the Forefront of Blue Economy

“The forum is a melting pot of ideas and representation providing an opportunity to exchange information thereby creating unity in the region to spearhead development by the people, for the people, and with the people,” Deputy County Commissioner, Lunga Lunga sub-county, Joseph Sawe.

Anna Davis addressing the leadup participants sitting under a baobab tree during the workshop session

Under the baobab tree

“For the two days I was in this forum, I savored every second of every minute of every hour I was here. There was a bucket load of lessons to learn, and I felt grateful that I was here. The exceptional facilitation by Maliasili made the complex and deep content relatable and exciting.”

Team Comoros, Dahari, Blue Ventures and COMRED on their way to Mkwiro Island, Kenya.

The journey of a thousand miles: Comoros-Kenya learning exchange

“The exchange learning is a good inspiration experience for the people I am working with in Comoros through  Dahari  and  Blue Ventures . The systems in Kenya are ahead in terms of governance and in Comoros, we have made strides in fisheries data collection and management. I believe these differences present a perfect opportunity for both  teams to learn from each other.” Siti Mohamed, Dahari – Comoros.

Team COMRED at Mt. Kenya National park


On a chilly Sunday morning, in September 2022, an excited team of vibrant COMRED staff and directors left the Mombasa train terminus, destined for Naromoru, Laikipia County, over 600 kilometers from the port city.  We were on a mission to unwind in the cool breezes on the slopes of Mt. Kenya, away from the sweltering […]

Women from the Shimoni-Vanga seascape in a group discussion during a Voices for Just Climate action-Ocean literacy training workshop.


Coastal and Marine Resource Development (COMRED) is seeking two consultancies in their Voices for Just Climate Action (VCA) project. The first call is documentary production for the project and the second is to develop an engagement strategy for women within the seascape and a Gender guide. This is a very short notice with a deadline […]

BMU leaders training session on good leadership skills at KWS hall Shimoni.

Good governance: An anchor for sustainable fisheries management.

By Cliford Ochiel Good governance forms a fundamental base in local management of fisheries resources. In Kenya, co-management has become a popular paradigm in fisheries management giving grassroot communities the opportunity to participate in the management of these resources which they directly depend on for their livelihood. In coastal Kenya, co-management has been achieved through […]

The Next Frontier for the Octopus Fishing in Kenya

Bottom-up conservation models Human beings and resources have intricate interconnections which can not be ignored in resource management interventions. Temporary octopus closures have gained recent worldwide acceptance by scientists and conservationists due to their practicability in balancing the conservation of marine resources and the livelihood sustainability of the fishing communities. Octopus closures operate on a […]

Participants of the Climate action youth round table


Climate change is a major global issue that requires interventions, adaptation, and mitigation actions to limit its adverse effects to secure the future of our planet.  With the emanating negative impacts of climate change, the County government of Mombasa unveiled the Governors’ Young Leaders’ Program (GYLP) hosted by the office of the governor, His Excellency […]

Participatory resource mapping as a way of community involvement in management. Photo Credit: Nyaga Kanyange

Is co-management a panacea for environmental pressures?

Understanding co-management Co-management or collaborative management have a myriad of understanding in various sectors. Berkes et al. (1991) describes co-management as the sharing of power and responsibility between government and local resource users while Borrini-Feyerabend et al. (2000) views it as a situation in which two or more social actors negotiate, define and guarantee amongst themselves a […]

Tunasonga kingalawa: slow but steady as we navigate the pandemic

A year after Kenya’s first COVID-19 case was confirmed, infections continue to rise. We are currently experiencing our third wave of the virus, and the highest number of infections so far. An economic crisis, brought on in part by the stringent measures set by the government, has been one of the most significant ripple effects […]