Kilifi Integrated Project

Dates: 2009 – 2011

Location: Kilifi County

Participating Institutions: Kwetu Training Centre, Maya Conservation Group (MCG), Kilifi Greentown Environment Initiative (KGTEI), Kilio Cha Haki Youth Group (KCH) and, Kilifi Fishing and Mangrove Conservation Group (KFMCG)

Funding Organisation: Regional Programme for the Sustainable Management of the Coastal Zones of the Indian Ocean Countries (ReCoMaP)

Description: The Kilifi Integrated Project (KIP) targeted four community- based organisations, mainly MCG, KGTEI, KCH, and KFMCG, with the overall objective of strengthening their capacity to implement coastal and marine-related livelihood activities. The project purposed to create employment, provide sustainable income, restore the degraded environment and promote the use of appropriate mariculture technologies.


Read the Kilifi Integrated Project report here