Coordination and Development of Joint Co-management Area (CMA) Plans in the Shimoni-Vanga Area for Improved, Integrated Management of Kenya’s Coastal and Marine Fisheries Resources


Dates: 2016 – 2017

Location: Shimoni-Vanga area, Kwale County: A transboundary area between Kenya and Tanzania

Participating Institutions: Kenya Fisheries Service, Kwale County Government, COMRED Coastal Consulting, COMRED, Seven trans-boundary Shimoni-Vanga Beach Management Units (BMUs) (Mkwiro, Shimoni, Wasini, Kibuyuni, Majoreni, Vanga, Jimbo)

Funding Organisation: The World Bank and GEF through the Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute’s (KMFRIs) Kenya Coastal Development Project (KCDP)

Description: The main tasks under this project were to conduct community sensitisation and consultations; fisheries assessment and fishing patterns; identification of joint co-management area boundaries covering the entire Shimoni-Vanga nearshore area, excluding Kisite-Mpunguti Marine Park & Reserve; facilitating preparation of a joint CMA management plan that incorporated existing, individual BMU ‘CCA’ management plans; facilitating the 7 BMUs to draft by-laws that enforce relevant aspects of the joint CMA management plan.

Read the Shimoni-Vanga Joint Co-management Area Plan as well as the Shimoni-Vanga Ecological Risk Assessment Report