Conservation of Marine Resources for Improved Community Livelihood in Wasini Island

Dates: 2019 – 2020

Location: Wasini Village, Wasini Island, Kwale County

Participating Institutions: Wasini Women’s Group

Description: This proposed project intends to address natural resource degradation, poverty alleviation, provision of alternative sources of livelihoods, improvement of hygiene and sanitation and marine resource conservation by local communities within Wasini village. This will be realised through building local community capacity for sustainable resource management, developing alternative income-generating projects, and ensuring effective management of finances generated by the group through ecotourism.

Specific objectives include;

  • Building the group’s capacity to develop and manage successful ecotourism enterprises
  • Enhancing visitor experiences within the mangrove and coral ecotourism area
  • Restoring degraded areas of the mangrove ecosystem
  • Improving the management of solid waste within the Wasini Island environment