COMRED-Coastal & Marine Resources Development


COMRED Coastal Consulting is the registered consulting arm of COMRED, the non-profit organization. The deliberate separation of the two distinct entities has been done due to increasing need to differentiate between consulting work and donor funded work. The two arms are independent from each other and only use a common platform for communication purposes only. The consulting arm specializes on consultancies such as assessments relating to coastal and marine environments, evaluations and training’s and is increasingly expanding its scope as new experts join in.

Enhancing Sound Management of Coastal and Marine Resources

Joint Co-management Area Plan (JCMAP) for the Shimoni-Vanga area

Through a participatory process and on behalf of the State Department of Fisheries and the Blue Economy and County Government of Kwale, COMRED Coastal Consulting is facilitating the development of a Joint Co-management Area Plan (JCMAP) for the Shimoni-Vanga area, Kwale County.