COMRED-Coastal & Marine Resources Development

Collaborative Research

COMRED has broad experience in environmental and socio-economic research with particular interest in coastal and marine environments. We undertake collaborative research in various disciplines in the coastal and marine areas.

WIOMSA Marine Reseach Grants (MARG1)Competitive strategies among small-scale fishers and traders in Kenya’s marine waters fisheries: Implications on market performance (Andrew Wamukota Pwani University, Kenya Assisted by Titus Jefwa Charo COMRED).

Several studies have looked at the link between fish trade and local livelihoods in developing countries, mainly at an aggregated level. Because of lack of direct positive or negative linkages, many of such studies have recommended that developing countries can benefit from fish trade by trading amongst themselves. Recent research has however unraveled the importance of disaggregating such analyses because, even within small-scale developing country fisheries (which are multi-species) there are differences in actor characteristics and market dynamics that shape economic benefits and therefore local livelihoods. This study, which was undertaken between July 2015 and July 2016 (at five major landing sites along the Kenyan coastline) is an extension of this thinking, that an enhanced understanding of local level dynamics are likely to provide useful insights in the fishery-poverty nexus. We choose the parrotfish and lobster fisheries to represent fisheries that are fished differently and that cater for different market needs.

Mariculture Research

In collaboration with Pwani University, Fisheries Department Kilifi, Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute and Kibokoni commmunity in Kilifi, we are undertaking research intended to enhance feasibility for culture of marine species (milkfish and prawns) along Kilifi Creek mainly targeting women. Research findings will eventually assist Kibokonil farmers boost production and enhance food security.